Thursday, February 26, 2009

Idol Chit Chat

As my downward spiral of getting nothing done continues... it only seems fitting to chime in with my American Idol update and predictions.

First up with have the people I feel will go through

1. The no brainer - who does AI think they're fooling stacking the decks in their favor with the best person to perform last and end the show on a high note? I'm on to you!! Good gracious can this guy sing. He has the quaffed rocker hair and guy liner but the little face of cute Jessie McCartney so I do not believe he'll be scaring anyone off. Amazing, amazing singer.....

2. Cute single mom with the inked sleeve - loved her!! Quirky, odd dancing moves, great voice - I'd say she's a guarantee except for the fact that when I called to vote for her last night, I got through with complete ease. That concerns me... we'll see.

3. Strawberry Shortcake - She rocked it last night, I am however tired of hearing Heart's Alone. It's a great song and all but it's been done 4 or 5 times already. Try some Paramore next time - and if you're taking requests I like Misery's Business. I can accompany you with the Guitar Hero if you like because while I don't like to brag, I am awesome on that one ;)

I quite like Nick/Norman - he's pretty funny. Will the schtick get on my nerves after awhile? Probably not... I like the corny.

I was bummed to see this cute thing crash and burn last night. She's beautiful and seems so sweet.

Can't wait to what goes down tonight! xo, Brie


Kathi D said...

I agree with you on all of them except Norman. I don't see his act having staying power. I love the blonde, and at first I thought she was singing barefoot. I don't think she was, but she should have been.

I can't wait to see who goes through, too. This way of narrowing down the field seems wacky, though.

Brie said...

I honestly didn't think Norman would go through but I wondered if he could be a sleeper due to that fab-u-lous sassy pants kick at the end. I would have been flat on my back, carried off the stage in a stretcher if I ever attempted such a move :)

The Mrs. said...

I agree on all but I am not living idol this time! I do love the first guy brainer is very hot and talented!