Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who's Idea was 2 day weekends anyway?

I am ready for a 3 day weekend right about now! 2 days are just too short - we had a fun dinner in town with 2 fun couples, it was a really good time. I had 2 delicious mojitos, I was pressured to have a 3rd and had to politely decline :) such bad influences around me ;). All I can say is Thank GOODNESS b/c my head didn't even like 2 the next morning! We enjoyed a heated American Idol discussion - appears I am in the minority with my love for Jason Castro. My girlfriends used words like "dirty" "gross" and "sucks" to describe him. I know.... shocking! They even went as far as to say they were "surprised" with me and my love for him b/c they thought I had good taste. I took the high road and told them they were completely insane.... they'll see ;) And in case you are wondering - they are both Archuleta fans. I told them my album cover vision but they aren't buying it... again, they'll see.

I am spending the day changing over the kids drawers with their Spring/Summer clothes. It's an overwhelming task to say the least and I really hate it. It is the best feeling when it's all done.

Tonight.... I sew :D - hope your Sunday is a bit more exciting than mine! xo, Brie

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Kathi D said...

I have been having an exciting Sunday finishing up some sewing on a baby gift.

I don't get why people can't love Jason. I still love my little David A. but I also like Jason and the other David a lot too. I have a feeling that the rocker David has an edge in the competition because he seems the most commercial. David A. strikes me as in the Josh Groban mold--which has worked out well for Josh Groban so far.