Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Deep Thoughts on American Idol

Well, it was another week devoted entirely to one artist. While AI seems to be digging this format, I personally am not. At least it was only for 7 seven songs! Did anybody else find Terri Hatcher sitting directly behind Paula as incredibly distracting as I did? Here's my contestant rundown....

1. David Archuleta - technically this guy is perfect. I believe he may not be human. He has the whole package: great voice, nice personality, and cute looking. My only problem with David is that I am not into his style of music. I imagine his album cover being him with his arms outstretched on the top of a mountain, with some wispy clouds overhead and maybe a dove flying by or something? He's going for inspirational singer, but I'm not feeling inspired. He's really great - just not for me.

2. Carly - she looked great last night. That scolding from Simon on her style really lit a fire under her. The dress was perfect on her! Figure flattering and long sleeved (I am not sure all of America is into the inked sleeve look either, so covering them up may be wise). I think she also has a great voice, very pretty, love that Irish accent. She sang well, the competition is tough and she is not going to win. Your husband's tatooed face is scaring me a little!

3. Syesha - I thought you had an advantage last night since you and Mariah sing similar in a similar genre. Again great voice, super pretty... kind of boring.

4. Brooke - I love Brooke, I think she is real - I don't find her shticky. The radio hosts around here skewered her this morning for being annoying, talking too much, and not singing well. I happen to disagree, I liked her but I love that unplugged acoustic sound. Is she the next American Idol? Probably not, but I still like her. Um, why did she miss her sister's wedding?? That was ridiculous!

5. Kristy Lee - Getting better and better. Now she's giving a Patsy Cline vibe which I really like. Chance on winning this is equal to a snowball in Hades. I have never seen such perfectly straight teeth!

6. David Cook - Judges loved him! I found him a little wedding singerish at the very beginning of the song but then he brought it. I like my Fall Out Boy lead sing look alike. I do believe he may win! Either way he'll be fine.

7. Jason - Oh Jason, I am so biased now it's ridiculous. LOVE him. He's the whole package - even his goofiness is growing on me. Last night wasn't my favorite for him, but I liked it enough. Randy's luau reference made me laugh b/c it was kind of true, but Paula and Simon loved it so I hope he sticks around. The stage was dark, so I couldn't be sure... but was my boy wearing a Jersey Tuxedo? That was definitely him giving me a shout out! :)

Ok, who's going home??? Probably Carly or Syesha. I'll say Syesha for the 4th week a row!!


Misplaced Country Girl said...

I think that your thoughts are right on. David Archuleta is kind of boring me. I can't believe I just said that. I couldn't figure out why, but I'm pretty sure that I'm in the same boat with you on this one. Just not my type of music. Can't believe I'm saying this either, but I hope that Kristy doesn't go home tonight. I really liked her last night. I'm going to agree with you on who is going home. Eventually we have to be right about this!

kathi d said...

Super analysis.

Can't disagree with anything, except if you dog on my son any more, I might have to cut you. So what if he is a cyborg, his fantasy mama loves him.

Brie said...

hee hee, I swear I am NOT dogging on him. That WILL be his album cover - wait and see :)

TCP said...

I totally agree with all of your comments! I hope Syesha is the one sent home...can't handle another shock like last week!

The Mrs. said...

I like David but damn you make a good point. That will be his album cover!!!!