Wednesday, April 2, 2008

American Idol, Dolly, and Pay It Forward Winners

Quick weigh in on American Idol.

First let me start off with - I love Dolly Parton. I think she is very sweet, talented, and smart with an amazing business sense. I admire so much about her. All this being said, I do hate to say it, I found the show a little S L O W last night. I don't understand why they have to keep devoting an entire show to one particular artist. I like the wider range shows like pick any song from your birth year, or the 60's, 70's etc etc.

Here is the rundown in order of appearance along with my prediction of who will get das boot tonight (if you are reading regularly, you will know this means nada, my track record has been dismal this season)

1. Brooke - Ok. Nothing spectacular... but have a seat, you are safe!

2. David Cook - you have a great voice. Little Sparrow was a snoozefest! I heard you went to the hospital last night after the show for heart palpitations?

3. Ramiele - you were better than last week. I still think you should go - but - I don't think you
will! I do believe you have nabbed your BFF sittin in the audience almost every week Danny's fans and that was huge for you. I have finally cracked the code why you get to stay week after week!

4. Jason - still love you and thought you kicked it up a notch last night! Simon didn't agree, but he was crabby last night. So happy that you got all my postcards! LOL!

5. Carly - you sang one of my favorites, only problem is Dolly does it WAY better. That's the trouble you face when you pick a goody. I felt bad for you last night b/c Simon was mean to you about your wardrobe, but psssst.... he was telling the truth. You look great in black, just get more stylish with it and lose the red knickers!

6. David A - you have a great voice and you did well. Are you seriously going to be the next American Idol though? Do we really want to hear him on the radio all the time? He's just not my style, I guess.

7. Kristy Lee - girl... somebody is lookin out for you. Last week you're "proud to be an American" this week it's country time. Enjoy your last week of safety!

8. Syesha - ok, you picked probably the only song America would really know. Totally worth the risk and you needed to do that. Unfortunately, it was a no go. You had to have nailed that and then some and sadly you didn't. I think you might get your walking papers tonight.

9. Michael Johns - I hate that bluesy kind of music, but you sang awesome and looked awesome. Don't go changin ;)

So in summary - bye bye Syesha!

and now to the pay it forward news...... the lucky 2 winners are.... drum roll please.....

ALL OF 9 YOU! Email me ( bridget at keeksandbrie dot com) with your wishes and addresses :) Now get paying it forward ;) Thanks for playing xoxoxxoxox Brie

PS got MOST of Ms. C's face clean last night. There are still remnants. Had to explain that to the teachers, they of course loved it! Me, not so much :)


Misplaced Country Girl said...

Oh my God I can't believe I won! We all won! This is a great day. I promise to have a great pay it forward on my blog as soon as my current give away is over. I will make you proud!

Oh and I agree that Syesha is going home. She disgraced Dolly and Whitney. She should probably go into hiding for awhile.

Ang said...

Brie you are awesome!! This is very exciting!!!! Now, I REALLY need to think of a good give away.

Liz said...

This is so exciting. You are awesome to have all of us win! I am so excited and need to start thinking about what I am going to do for my Pay It Forward give away.

Jules said...

Thank you! You are awesome!! :)

kathi d said...

When will they learn not to do songs that Whitney sang? Nobody can sing Whitney!!

lisagh said...

You're the sweetest!

I'm going to think of a P.i.F. for my blog this weekend.

Brie said...

Lis - I think the monkey tour in and of itself is a serious PIF!