Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back in Jersey

Yesterday we said goodbye to Cape Cod for the summer :( It was hard to leave, the summer could not have been better! We had a great drive and made perfect time, didn't hit any traffic at all which is always a bonus.

I am in a huge mess here and have to spend the next couple of days getting things together. Unpacking and laundry and more unpacking and laundry. Organization has never been a strong suit for me. Many people make resolutions at the start of the calendar year, but I am more motivated by the start back to school so I am in the process of making lists and trying to get my act together. Remember that clean slate feeling at the beginning of each school year? That's where I am at!

It is always hard to say goodbye to the Cape, but at the same time it feels good to be home. I'll leave you with some word fun summarizing our summer with some Wordle fun! Why it is the size of a postage stamp, I cannot say. Give me time as I ease back into regular blogging! If you click on it you can see it enlarged :) xo, Brie

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