Sunday, August 17, 2008

We're Outta Here!

All six of us are hopping in the minivan and heading south to Kentucky to visit Mr. KB's extended family. While I AM looking forward to seeing everyone, I am NOT looking forward to the 12 hour ride. I have the ipod nice and loaded with good tunes and we have several movies and game cube too to entertain the kids.

I have no doubts that Kev will be singing along to "drinking whiskey out the bottle, not thinkin bout tomorrow, singing sweet home alabama all summer long" How do I know this you wonder? I know this because he horrified me by singing it on the way home from Cape Cod. You should note though, that it didn't horrify me to the point of turning off that song.... no can do, I LOVE that song :)

I'll still be blogging though via the Scheduled Poster - it's a beautiful thing! xo, Brie

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