Friday, August 15, 2008

Quilting Mag

Hey, hey, hey..... first "scheduled" post here... feeling so organized and in a word - proud :)

We have a lot of talented crafty people in our family!! I would like to introduce you to my Aunt Margaret (or Grammy Maggie as my kids call her even though she isn't their grammy :)

She is an excellent seamstress and has a special talent for creating all kinds of things but especially for making quilts.

Quilting is hard - in addition to have a solid knowledge in cutting, sewing, and color selection, math skills are also seriously required. There is a lot of measuring, angles and calculating involved, which is good news for Grammy Maggie because she used to be a high school math teacher!

We have been lucky enough to receive some beautiful quilts from her, the kids sleep with them at night and I recently won a Christmas hanging she made in a raffle at a ladies luncheon last week - yahoo, I love to win!! This measures approx 11x14 to hang on the wall for the holidays.

My parents have several displayed throughout their house on the Cape and I took some pics before I left so you can see too!

I love these block styles and my picture just doesn't do it justice. Every other square on the quilt is hand embroidered with different types of "berries" (bayberry, blueberry) and the in between squares are a pretty green toile. The center of the quilt is an adorable purple hat adorned with one of her famous yo-yos which I love!

This mermaid hanging is my all time favorite. First for the subject matter (it's no secret that I have a thing for mermaids) I also love the use of all different kinds of fabric. It gives it a real interesting folky look. This is a mermaid with character and personality! LOVE her!

A beautiful star design in fun bright colors all in batik hangs in the hallway leading up to my parents room. It is really striking against the white wall!

I really love this one too! This one hangs in their dining room. They change this one a lot based on the season. They have a great Christmas red and green one and a fall Thanksgiving one that they switch out for the holidays. I love looking closely at the fabrics she chooses. I recognize a lot of them from my endless trips to the fabric store, but they take on a new life when worked into a quilting pattern.

I do not have the patience nor the skill to create any masterpieces like this. I am sure you will agree they are stunning! If for some reason you don't, we'll just have to channel our old Aunt Hat for the perfect response (that's an inside joke for Grammy Maggie) xo, Brie


Paul Pincus said...

these are terrific. magical.


TCP said...

Those are amazing!