Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My first Concert

Kay was fortunate enough to be invited by one her best buds to see the Jonas Brothers in concert this past Thursday night. It was quite the big deal!! This was actually her second concert because she accompanied me to see The Spice Girls back in Feb.

To say she loved the concert would be an understatement.

This got me thinking about MY first concert ever - I was 14, it was 1985 and my dad took my friend Katie and I to see Corey Hart's Boy in the Box tour. Remember him? I wear my sunglasses at night..... When I look back at some of my celebrity crushes I often cringe, but I've got to say - I was right on with Corey Hart. He's cute! Let's see if we can say the same for the Jonas' in 20 years!

As opposed to these guys (who I also loved at the time.....)

Dudes look like a lady, no? ;)

Finally for your listening and viewing pleasure... I give you the power ballad Never Surrender, excuse me while I go look for a lighter to hold up. xo, Brie

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Queen of the Mayhem said...

My daughter is so completely in love with Nick Jonas it is absurd! They are cute little things!