Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Decorating for Fall

I spent a large part of last Sunday decorating for Halloween. It's a task I kind of hate to do (hate the lugging, clearing out space etc) but the kids LOVE it and help me and I LOVE it when it's all done and out on display. Here are some hi lights from the house of Brie! xo, Brie

This is the table you see when you walk into our house to the left. We put all the favorite light up/noise making things here. The witch's hands move and her crystal ball used to light up. She talks in this witch voice that is similar to nails on a chalkboard with phrases like... come closer my dear, if it's your future you seek, will it be good, or will it be bleak! Followed by an insane cackle. I usually want to smash her approximately 30 minutes after set up. It's a long month with her.... but she really is one of our favorites and is the lady the kids look MOST forward to seeing! That haunted house to the left lights up and plays haunted house sounding organ music. Kayla did the gels on the mirror which I would have never thought to do and I love the way it turned out! Ms. C can't stay away from this area and is always cranking up the witch to the highest volume and rearranging things on the table.

Here's our kitchen chandelier jazzed up with some foil pumpkins and spiders

I love this little witch painted by one of my favorite artists from Virginia, Nancy Thomas. I hung this up in my kitchen.

A little spooky ghost with a light that changes colors

Some trick or treat luminaries on the mantle. Love these! Thanks mom and dad :)

I love planting mums in the fall! Here are my window boxes complete with a little pumpkin. I like to have the mums in different colors - I love the way that looks! I also sprinkled them with dashes of Tabasco sauce to keep the deer from nibbling at these. They think my yard is an all you can eat buffet and have been know to completely pull entire plants out of my window boxes! So far the Tabasco has been working great!


Ang said...

Love the luminaries! Kids are a good motivator to get into the halloween spirit!!

sara said...

Some of those decorations look hauntingly familiar! I know where you've been shopping!

Brie said...

All hail the Tree :D

Preppy Sue said...

So festive, I love it!

More, More, More said...

I love the pumpkins!