Sunday, October 12, 2008

Monka delivers with some Vintage Halloween Pics!

Little Bo Peep and the sheep. I'm loving the mask! We went to a Halloween party in this and Keely proceeded to shed cotton balls ALL OVER the poor hosts' house! Caitlin as Minnie Mouse - Caitlin used to love to cut her own bangs with little school scissors... can you tell?
Slightly frightening.... and yes that is a feathered roach clip in my hair. Someone gave those out as BIRTHDAY PARTY FAVORS in 5th grade. I had no clue what it actually was!

Brie as the mad hatter

Keeks as the white rabbit

A chef with flour on face and recipes pinned all over the apron

Thanks Dad!! xo, Brie


Anonymous said...

Too cute!

More, More, More said...

I was a chef one year too! Cute!

adozeneggs said...

Your nostalgic Halloween pics are good inspiration for my costume this year!Thanks!