Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween Do's and Dont's

Halloween has always been one of my favorites. As a kid I would often start planning out who or what I was going to be months in advance. Our costumes were often homemade b/c back in the day to buy a costume meant to go to CVS and pick up something that looked like this...

I actually loved these old Ben Cooper vintage costumes and was the proud owner of several. Buyer beware though, those masks are fragile. Too much "pre" Halloween fun with them might mean you will not have a mask to wear on the big night!

Usually my parents made Keeks and I duo type costumes when we were little. Minnie and Mickey, Little Bo Peep and a sheep, and a coffee can and a piece of toast - ok the last one was a little weird - I think those might have been "chosen" for us b/c I don't know many 7 or 8 year olds who actually want to be a can of coffee for Halloween, but when all was said and done it was one of the cutest ever. Hey dad can you scan some of those old pics when you get a chance?!?!

When I was in 7th or 8th grade my best friend Nancy (who I have recently been reunited with on facebook!) and I dressed up like wind up dolls. We went to good will and got some poofy looking square dancing dresses. Did the rosey cheeks and big fake eyelashes and my dad made us big wind up keys made of tinfoil for our back. Super cute!

We are trying to decide what we will all be in this house for Halloween 2008. My suggestions are usually met with dirty looks or rolling eyes. In the past I have made some costumes and also embellished some store bought costumes with homemade touches. Here are a few from Halloween Past

When we peruse the online costume shops I am horrified by what I see especially for the girls/women! In the famous words of Michael Kors on Project Runway... slutty, slutty, slutty!

First up and no surprises is the French Maid. The French Maid has been s to the third power for as long as we can remember. Is anyone ever her? Honestly?

Next up we have some new "s cubed" twists on some of the classics - the look in a word? Charming!

In the mood for some sexy versions of some childhood favorites?

Minnie is that you?

Raggedy Anne has matured! No?

And last but not least.... nothing says we support our troops like this little number

Honest to goodness - the catalog calls her sexy special mission lady. Hmmmmm

I don't know if it's because it's cold here in NJ on October 31st or simply my lazy nature not feeling like working out for 8 years to prepare to squeeze into one of these or maybe I'm just shy..... but here's what I'm thinking of being this year

This shirt + this wig = one of my favorite movie characters EVER! Can you guess who it is? If you can, you have great taste in movies!

Hope your Halloween is an eleven! xo, Brie

It might also be fun to scare the bejeezus out of unsuspecting trick or treaters by opening the door wearing this..


hqm said...

Hi Brie!
Funny post...I once was at a holiday party, not Halloween, mistltoe, eggnog, the whole nine yards and there was a guest dressed very similar to the Minnie costume you posted. Sans the ears! She will always be refered to as Minne Mouse by my girlfriends and I!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I used to love those old costumes. I'm sure they are unsafe by today's standards. If you happen to crack one of those masks you could probably put somenes eye out with the edge.

I'm just not creative when it comes to costumes. One year everyone at work wanted to do the Wizard of Oz theme. Dandy for them. I cut eyes out of an old sheet and went as a ghost. You should see those group shots. I look like the employee from the home that comes to work on a short bus. That's when I decided my costume days were over.

I love that fireman costume. It's adorable. Great job with that. Very creative.