Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hi I'm Brie, I'm addicted to Facebook

I have been completely sucked into the addictive world of Facebook. It is so fun - I have reconnected with a lot of old friends that I haven't talked to in YEARS! I thought I was too old for facebook and that I wouldn't know anyone on there but I guess I was wrong :)

I created a little section for Keeks and Brie on there and it looks quite sad presently as I am my only "fan" - won't you come and facebook with me and become a SUPER FAN - pretty please? I'm cooking up another giveaway in the near future and will be happy to bribe you and grovel!! xo, Brie
PS Project Runway was a complete TRIUMPH last night! You can say what you will about Kenley but she brought it last night!


Misplaced Country Girl said...

I'm trying my best to resist Facebook. I'm barely hanging on though. As soon as I give in I'll be sure to become your super fan or whatever it is! However, when I'm in a support group for my addiction I'm totally bringing up your name.

I have to agree that Kenley rocked it last night. That dress was amazing and I want to wear it. I may not like her but, she deserves to be there and I'm interested in seeing her collection.

Brie said...

yes, sadly I will not be able to be your sponsor when you are hooked on Facebook. It is so fun and time consuming/wasting. Love it!

I can't WAIT to see the collections next week! Like I told my cousin, it's not project nice guy - it's project runway and Kenley's gonna win! I love my bratty misunderstood girl :)

adozeneggs said...

I'll see what I can do. I have a facebook page, but never use it. See you in FB land!!

sara said...

I'm a your number 1 fan!

Anonymous said...

You will have to be my friend on FB. My sister is responsible for sucking me into it. It is totally addictive. AS IF I needed anything else. Let's see between my email, my blog, my business Web site and now FB I might as well plaster my rear end to my office chair right now LOL. I will check out Keeks & Brie. You can also put your blog on there. SUPER FUN.