Friday, October 24, 2008

Safari Night

So here's where I've been and why I've been so preoccupied lately. Each year the school where 3 out of my 4 go to has a huge fund raising fashion show. It's their only fund raiser of the year so it's a big deal and they really pull out all the stops. Always a fun event with the biggest tricky tray I've ever seen - over 95 packages, one dollar a ticket and each package is valued well over 1000 dollars each (I didn't win anything by the way).

I was approached by our fantastic chair woman last year if Keeks and Brie would be interested in creating the centerpieces and table favors for the event. That adds up to about 80 centerpieces and 800 table favors!! Keely and I began production back in January with hopes of having everything ready to go before the summer - easier said than done. We finished up about 2 weeks prior to the event and were sworn to secrecy (the hardest part for me!!)

After all the build up with yesterday's post, my camera decided to be temperamental last night. Thankfully a few of the shots did turn out but not nearly as many as I had hoped.

Here is my car loaded and ready to go. 80 handbags in four different animal prints - 20 leopard, 20 brown zebra, 20 black zebra, and 20 giraffe print.


400 zebra print key chains

400 leopard print key chains

Here are a couple of pics of how the tables were set up with the bags as centerpieces - if you had a safari animal under your coffee saucer - you win!

Here is a better shot of the whole table. The key chains doubled as napkin rings and everyone got to take one home.

I even had to run home yesterday and make one more after I looked up during set up and saw a brown zebra handbag being dragged across the hotel lobby under an electric wheelchair! I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!

All in all a fun, successful night! I definitely felt a little vulnerable last night as we really put ourselves out there. I got a lot of nice feedback and felt great to give back to the school which I love so much. So that's where I've been, my eleven month secret is out and I'm taking it easy today - I'm exhausted!! xo, Brie


5 Boys And Me said...

Wow - Those are awesome - what a super neat idea and I am sure you are worn out! Congratulation on an awesome job!

Ang said...

Wow, Brie- what a project!! It looked time to rest.

Anonymous said...

YAY - I won the bag!! Lucky me! You girls did such a FANTASTIC job! I hope you are doing absolutely nothing today! ~e

Kathi D said...

Woof, that is a LOT OF WORK! It looks like it turned out perfectly! I'll bet it was a huge hit.

adozeneggs said...

Everything looks beautiful. Love the idea of the keyrings for favors! I just love that zebra bag!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Great job, it looks awesome.

Preppy Sue said...

So cool, I love it! Congrats and relax!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I love those bags. I have seen those everywhere this fall. You must be exhausted! Hope you get the chance to rest up now.

Creative Cupcake said...

What a fabulous opportunity for you two!

zakary said...

What a TON of work, I can't even imagine! I feel like a total loser now for complaining about being in charge of my daughter's fall party!