Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ebay Fun!

No idea at all what sparked this memory, but this circus set was one of my all time favorites!! I remember irreverently chewing off each of Mr. Bear's ears. Do you remember this awesome toy? xo, Brie

PS I'll weigh in on my project runway thoughts tomorrow. Hate to be a spoiler for anyone who didn't get to see it last night (me included) due to the timing colliding with the presidential debate! I avoided all tv and computer until I saw the show. What a nerd!


Misplaced Country Girl said...

We had that circus set at school. I LOVED it. It's so stinking cute it makes me want to buy one for my future kids.

After all that worry about what to watch I was fast asleep by 7:45. I think that officially makes me LAME! I woke up about 11:45 and they were re-playing PR so at least I got to see who won even though I was half asleep.

adozeneggs said...

I loved those little animals. I had the barnyard set.