Monday, February 9, 2009

Costco Magazine

Nerd alert! I LOVE the Costco magazine that comes every so often called The Costco Connection. I'm not sure if I get it because I have the black card there or what... but it is great. I love to read it and look forward to it's arrival each month. I pretty much read it cover to cover every time I get them and even save a copy or two in the car to read when I am waiting to pick up at school. The articles range from featured small business that sell through Costco, book reviews, home owner tips with decorating/gardening etc etc. You can read it online Here but I love reading "real" magazines.

This month in the home section there is a small piece of putting your house on a "clutter diet". Needing a serious clutter diet this caught my attention. Author Lorie Marrero of The Cutter Diet gives some great steps to establish a daily routine and stay on top of things.

Start your morning with a D.E.W. list

D is for dishes (empty your dishwasher first thing)
E is for eating (plan your meals for the day/week)
W is for wash (take your laundry to the next level)

End your Day with the Triple "S" routine

S - Start the dishwasher
S - Straighten up flat surfaces and your floor
S - Set for tomorrow things you will need for the next day (My life is dictated by my palm pilot - it really changed my life for the better)

Once you fall into these regular routines to move onto "attacking" those pesky closets. I only have about 12 that need my serious attention. You can also skip all these steps and play on facebook all night and then wonder who broke into your house and messed it all up! Baby steps, it's all about the baby steps. Hope you enjoyed these tips :) xo, Brie

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Kathi D said...

Thanks for that link! I am not important enough to Costco to get that magazine, apparently, but I too would love it.

Those are good tips. If only I would actually follow that plan . . .