Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Idol Chit Chat

Well, the show is finally on the road for American Idol. Was sooooo excited for the real competition to begin! Something was "not right" last night - that's for sure!!! Everything seemed off from beginning to end. Lots of nervous, boring and/or horrible song choices.
There are still WAY too many people for me to make proper predictions but here's who I think has the best chance to make the top three for this week.

Natch, my boy Danny Gokey. I predicted him to take it all awhile back and I'm still supporting him. He sang well last night although "Hero" by Mariah Carey is not for me. Randy failed to mention for the 2 millionth time that he worked with Mariah and I found that disappointing to say the least.

I like this guy with his glasses better... those stylists think they know EVERYTHING

The rest is a crap shoot.... seriously but I am going with

Construction Guy (picked a good song, got a LOT of air time in the shows leading up and didn't massacre his song)
and Crazy Jackie (I like crazy Jackie b/c she is funny and knows my sister so now I feel like I can say I know her - which I don't ;) she actually has a great voice but sure picked a doozy last night (great song, horriblay rendition) - this could be her Achilles Heel in this competition b/c if memory serves she picked a stupid song to audition with and got very lucky with another chance)

I had such high hopes for this gal (she didn't blow it but it Natural Woman has been done and done and done and done some more) I was disappointed.
The judges seemed to like this little lady but I was bored and don't care for the blues!
So what did you think?


Kathi D said...

Danny was the only one who impressed me last night, both his voice and his presentation. The others all seemed off, even the ones the judges liked. And I am more than ready to see the last of Psycho Girl, whose name I can't remember.

I just need to hang on until Paula starts drinking before the show again. I don't think I'll have to wait long.

lisagh said...

I'm watching AI for the first time since the Ruben/Clay year so I'm not much of an authority. But, all I can say is just as long as Crazy Ass Tatiana doesn't make it any further, I'll be okay. I CAN'T STAND HER!!!!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I tried so hard to watch it this week but, I just couldn't do it. The whole thing was just painful. I think I ended up watching the Duggar wedding for about the 900th time. I picked the Duggars over AI. It's that bad! I don't understand what is happening.

I'm with Kathi D. Bring back wack-a-doodle drunk Paula! Then I'll tune in.

Sew Gracious said...

Danny was definitely "on" although that wouldn't have been my song choice either.

I like the Oil Rig Guy, especially because he seems to be a nice guy who loves his family. He will probably benefit from the exposure, but won't win.

Alexis Grace did a great job, but we will see if she can offer different styles.

There were SO many bad song choices: the Michael Jackson song, Natural Woman, Every Little Thing She Does {by a woman . . . weird}

I didn't care for any of the rest of the contestants. I'm glad Crazy Tatiana is gone, but she may be back as a Wild Card.

5 Boys And Me said...

I just finished watching - yes almost a week late, but thumbs up on the predictions. I have to say I'm glad Michael Sarver made it through - I like him, I LOVE Danny - none of the girls thrilled me - I did think Casey Carlson and Stevie Wright were exceptionally bad, but no girl stood out to me as great....can't wait to see more!

Preppy Sue said...

Hi! Check my blog, I tagged you for "The Bag Tag" :)