Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm Freezing

We had a lovely little taste of Spring this past w/e in northern NJ with temps in the low 50's!! It was so beautiful out, you could smell Spring in the distance. Today, not so much. Freezing, snowing (not accumulating) I am so cold and lazy I am wearing my Gramma Gert coat sweater and unable to move. The Gramma Gert coat sweater is handmade by my late grandmother and is really the original snuggie. Please tell me you've seen this infomercial (I'll post it and a hilarious spoof of it at the end) I love this sweater so much. There are 3 very decided states for me to be in to bust out this sweater.

  1. sick
  2. hungover
  3. freezing

Today, I'm freezing.... once this magical sweater is on, you are so toasty and warm and any kind of real work is suddenly out of the question! If I weren't so vain, I'd have somebody snap my picture in this - maybe later! Truly, truly, truly one of my most treasured possessions! xo, Brie

The REAL infomercial

and a priceless parody (with bad language so be careful if there are kids around)


sara said...

Chad and I saw that and busted a gut. He thinks they look like the frocs that munks wear!
I'm taking a pic of our little uni today I swear!

Jules said...

OMG! Mikey LOVES the Snuggie. He keeps trying to convince me that we need to buy one. I even tweeted about it today on Twitter. Every time that commercial is on he stops whatever he is doing to watch. :)