Friday, January 14, 2011

Five Things I'm Loving Friday

Here are my latest faves - get ready for random and get ready for fabulous.... in no particular order

1.  Tory Burch

I've been loving her for a good long while but I am ESPECIALLY loving my 2 fabulous additions (both bday gifts for the big 4-0)  Check em out, I feel like a movie star ;)

2.  Queen Helene Mint Julep products

I can never find these in the store but thought to look them up when I was perusing for some things.  The scrub is so great - very "scrubby" which is hard to come by.  Many  promise the scrub but do not deliver.  Queen Helene delivers the goods.  Follow your scrub with the mask - try to avoid mirrors while you wait b/c you'll scare the dickens out of yourself if you catch a glimpse.  I may or may not be speaking from experience.

3.  Dexter

Sister Caitlin kept saying how good this show was but I hadn't looked into it.  Season 1 and 2 is on Netflix on Demand which our Tivo picks up so I can watch it right on the TV.  Warning... the premise is BEYOND bizarre and I completely hated the first 2 episodes.  I was about to throw in the towel but put the 3rd one on and slowly got sucked in.  I am almost done season 1 and I'm completely hooked.  Considering getting Showtime hooked (but I won't b/c surely I have the will power to wait for season 6 on dvd)  Michael C Hall is so great on the show which wasn't a huge surprise because I loved Six Feet Under on HBO. 

4.  Apples and Twinkies Blog (title is linked)

One of my new favorite blogs!  This hard working lady has some wonderful recipes up her sleeve and is very generous sharing her tips and tricks with pics!  She is also hosting a fun giveaway for a Baked Cookbook.  Stop by and say hi, you'll be very glad you did!   Special thanks to my friend Patti for telling me about this great blog :)

5. Jojo Loves You (also linked)

This is my new one stop shop for fun costume sparkly jewelry. I am LOVING the bling earrings - gave lots and lots out for Christmas gifts. Hardest part is choosing colors. Great products and customer service! Up above you'll see 2 pairs that I own. I wear the both all the time and I think the cameos are so cool - and also on sale!

In closing, and in the words of the great Vicky Gunvalson WOOO HOOO -  Hope you have a great weekend!!!  We're making pizza tomorrow with homemade dough (had to make a few switcharoos to menu this week) and I hope to get it up on the blog this weekend so get ready :)   xo, Brie


Ang said...

Brie thanks for the link to the Apples and Twinkies blog- added to my reader list :) Hope you are well- I now have two little girls, Caitlin and Maeve! Love keeping up with your blog!

Brie said...

Hi Ang - so great to hear from you! Congrats on the girls, I think we were last in touch right after you had Caitlin. Love the girls names!!