Sunday, January 9, 2011


The pink girls heading out for our day on the town!  No easy task getting a picture this am where I was not blinking.  This is the best of the worst - remind me to throw the eyeshadow in the trash - I had no idea it looked glitterific.  We were not heading to a rave. yuck. 

The show was cute and put on at our local community theatre.   I don't believe you will be catching this show on Broadway anytime soon, but Ms. C loved it.  They sang about 25 songs about being and loving pink and that was A OK with her.    It was a sold out show packed, packed, packed with little girls all dressed up in their pink best - really adorable and I loved the girl power camaraderie  that was happening in there. 

We had lunch afterwards at our favorite local lunch/ice cream place (along with the rest of the theatre goers, but we walked there fast so we got a seat).

Refusing to pose for a picture while eating her rainbow sprinkles ice cream

another refusal for a pose - but I do think it's safe to say she enjoyed our girl time :)  I did!!!  In her words.... girls rule, boys drool ;)   xo, Brie

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Ann said...

I agree "girls do rule." I like her style!