Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Have the Perfect Snow Day

Follow these simple steps to a fabulous snow day....

1.  Have Ms. Honeywell (our school's automated alert system) call you the NIGHT BEFORE to tell you there will no school

2.  Turn off that pesky 6 am alarm

3.  Wake up at 9:20 to find you are first one up in your house

4.  Eat fattening snacks and watch Millionaire Matchmaker in your pj's until around 1 pm

5.  Be embarrassed by a neighborhood child who appears at your door around 1 only to find you still in your pjs

6.   Round up the troops to go sledding and invite some friends

No pics of Mr. L because he was off socializing the entire afternoon on the slopes

7.  Sit in a chair on the on the hill and socialize with other moms

8.  Move on to the warm car and listen to your favorite sirius satellite station and direct the kids where to find you when they've had enough

9.  Head home and make cocoa, a fire, a glass of wine and listen to Juice Newton while you make dinner (thank you 8 on 80's for reminding me of Juice)

10.  Get back in your pjs

Best. Snow. Day. Ever!!!!  Please bring me a few more.... xo, Brie

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