Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Great Dig Out

We had a quiet night last night and for some reason Dave and I decided to start to tackle our terribly over crowded and disorganized basement. Our finished basement (or at least the part we worked on) is home our "office", tool bench, holiday decorations, things that have no official "home" within our home and last but not least, ALL of my sewing supplies and accumulations from the last 5 years (I have a hard time throwing things away!)

Well... after an hour and a half, I could NOT believe how much we had accomplished. Still not fully picture ready, but I did take one of my newly organized ribbon shelves. Every time I look at this neatly rolled up assembly of colors, it makes me sooooo happy!

We are going out tonight for dinner with the kids to one our favorite places. Great food, and no cooking or clean up for me! Who can argue with that? Have a great weekend, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! xo Brie

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