Saturday, December 15, 2007

I HEART the Holidays

Really I do....... I think I must love the stress b/c my lists are always a mile long and growing. Our holiday shows are all finished, inventory is low which is always a good news/bad news scenario. It does feel great to be done, the shows were especially great this year (thank you to all who came to see us!!). The time has now come now for undivided family time and all that needs to be done before Christmas.

Starting in January, I am going to begin to slowly rebuild inventory AND I will be taking you through the reorganization of my sewing studio. This reorg is in the very initial stages of my mind.... should be interesting, won't you join me on this mission impossible :)

With all of the wrapping, packing, cooking, frosting, shipping, and shopping that still await me, I somehow manage to find time to make this! (see link below) Procrastination is my middle name :)

Enjoy this time with your families! xo Brie

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