Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Holiday Menu

  • So I am hosting Christmas dinner again this year and I am excited about it! I really like to cook and I generally have a few tried and true crowd pleasers, so its really not all that scary. Christmas will be smaller this year than usual, but we will still be hosting dinner for a total of 10 people.

    If I plan it just right, things do NOT have to be stressful. So here's the menu: hors d'oeuvres: (yes I had to look up the spelling, thank you Cath ;) will be shrimp cocktail, polska kielbasa in brown sugar sauce, (or as Liam calls them "sweet sausages") baked brie in puff pastry with brown sugar and pecans, and crab puffs (recipe below) Main Menu: roast filet of beef with creamy horseradish sauce on the side, mashed potatoes, spinach gratin (barefoot contessa), caramel rolls, broccoli casserole, and a small side of macaroni and cheese compliments of stouffers. I am not a huge fan of the mac and cheese, but the majority rules on this one. Dessert: tiramisu (from costco - it's in the frozen section and it's awesome). Now all I need to figure out are wine and fun drinks to balance out the menu. I usually like to do a fun martini, last year it was white chocolate ones and they were BETTER than dessert!

    Here is the recipe for crab puffs. As I peruse the ingredients here it does NOT look all that appetizing. Trust me it's good, it's EASY, and people will ask you for the recipe (if they like crab that is!)

    . package of louis kemp crab delights flake style (or like Keely calls them, Krab with a K)
    on a side note, I cannot stand this type of fake crab in anything but in these for some
    reason its ok
    . 1 stick of unsalted butter
    . 1 jar of kraft old english cheese (it's usually by the cream cheese section in a glass jar)
    . 2 tbsp of mayo
    . 1/2 tsp of lawry's season salt
    . 1/2 tsp garlic salt
    . one package of thomas' english muffins

    rinse and drain the "crab" and chop it up really small (not good if its too chunky)
    mix all the ingredients together in a bowl
    cut english muffins in half (so you have two circles)
    spread mixture generously onto muffin halves
    put muffin halves with spread on a flat plate and into the freezer for about 40 minutes (this part believe it or not is impt!)
    Remove the frozen muffins and cut into quarters
    Throw them in a zip lock bag until ready to use (could be months from now which is the real beauty)

    Broil the pieces until slightly brown and puffed on a cookie sheet with a lip (approx 5-8 minutes)
    Serve and say goodbye to them because they will be gone within minutes ;)

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