Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

..........To me :) I had such a nice, fun, low key birthday yesterday. We went to a great Christmas brunch in NY with the kids, Dave, and my in laws. My parents and sister were also supposed to come but mother nature did not cooperate :( The spread was incredible and the Christmas music (guitar player and accordion!) were awesome. I know a lot of people who feel gypped by the December "so close to Christmas" birthday, but not me!! It's a fun time of year and I have always loved having a December birthday. I also share my birthday with Beethoven, Jane Austen, and the guy with the long beard from ZZ Top - not too shabby :)

Birthday highlights included (in no particular order) a portable speaker system for my ipod, fur lined crocs, a yankee candle mosaic tea light burner that I used to own, LOVE, and broke replaced (thanks mom and dad!), itunes card, all the fixings to make balloon animals, (long story, my grandparents are hilarious!), some bath and body goodies, TWO jo malone perfumes (my all time fave), homemade cards, lots of kisses and hugs, and a Friendlys ice cream cake with an "edible" image of strawberry shortcake. Who could ask for more? I am a lucky girl :)

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