Wednesday, April 14, 2010

itunes Audiobooks

I have been sewing like a mad woman this week with some upcoming shows so I apologize for the lack of correspondence :) We are still adjusting to our new spring sports schedule but I am gathering lots of material to share with you in the very near future!

I am still sticking with my Spark People diet and I really love this website. I have been trying to schedule in at least 3-4 brisk walks a week around this lovely walking path we have that is about 4 miles long. It just occurred to me to download an audiobook on itunes to listen to while I walk. That could be motivating should I chose wisely :) Any suggestions? I'm leaning towards this one...

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Suburban Princess said...

I would lean towards listening to Tony Robbins while exercising - I dont know if I could concentrate on a storyline and plot lol!