Monday, April 26, 2010

Moving Day

Good Riddance Squirrels! You'll be much happier living in a tree in the country somewhere. xo, Brie

Update: Mama is locked out and NOT happy

Update 2: A second humane trap has been set for Mama to the left of the tube one. Mama could give a rip about the trap and is STILL trying to break back into the house. Mama Bridget is breathing into a paper bag here. Might be time for a little glass of wine to ease the nerves.


Suburban Princess said...

Oh dear...I am sure you know this wont make you squirrel free...there are millions of them out there!

Brie said...

We are also having the whole roof repaired and these guys thankfully guarantee their work so if there are any further intruders, they'll come back and handle it. It is a costly process, let me tell you!

Joy said...

Oh no!!! I would be drinking LOTS of wine! Hope the traps work!
BTW...the handbag you sent for KJH Family Day is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for always supporting us! xo