Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol... tsk tsk

David is the king of funny faces.... like this. Pic courtesy of :)
American Idol is pulling out all the stops to "create" a season finale between the 2 Davids. The judging was SO biased last night because as much as I HATE to admit this David Cook was OFF last night. I still want him to win, but man was he out of tune last night.

David Archuleta was the man of the night. First song (chosen by Paula!) was perfect. Second song (chosen by him) - loved it. He definitely was awkward singing "need you boo, gotta see you boo." The dancing.... again awkward! His voice was right on though. I thought is was a smart choice picking a top 40 song and I love that song. Third song (chosen by producers) was pure sabotage! What the..............???? All in all though, the strongest performer. Maybe having dad gone from backstage helped him!

Still missing Jason, I'm hopeless!

MUST GO SEW! Have great one! xo, Brie


Misplaced Country Girl said...

I thought that David Cook was put in the frying pan last night. Who in their right mind chose that last song for him? As you will see in my blog, I have threatened to cut off my head if David Cook doesn't win. By the light of the new day I'm thinking maybe that was a little extreme.

I thought Syesha did a great job last night. I don't care what the judges said I loved her songs and I think she will do great in the future.

I'm starting to think that David A is from the planet of the apes. He sort of has ape like features if you look at him long enough. Again, my house will probably be egged for saying this, but I hope he doesn't win. I would like to see David C and Syesha go to the finals.

Brie said...

Toi - that is your son you are talking about :)

Perez Hilton did a side by side of David A and Eddie Munster yesterday. I have to say it did make me laugh at loud but I didn't have the heart to post it :)

If Syesha beats out Archuleta that WILL be a serious upset. His dad will completely lose his mind and bum rush the stage and most likely take out Ryan Seacrest!!!

Kerry said...

I'm liking David Cook these days. I feel so bad for Sayesha - she's a great singer and an awesome performer but she doesn't stand a chance with the David lovers out there!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I gave him up for adoption after he butchered Sweet Caroline. You don't mess with Mr. Diamond.

I would pay good money to see Mr. Archuleta take on Seacrest. Now that would be good TV.

Brie said...

Syesha definitely got a raw deal last night, no question about it. I would kill to have that body of hers!

Kathi D said...

It really was pretty obvious that they were trying to throw Syesha to the wolves. Maybe it will backfire on the judges.

I don't know how you win with them, though. If you pick a current song, you're just imitating, but if you pick an old song you should have gone current, blah blah blah. And then they fight among themselves.

The Mrs. said...

I love me some david Cook now...loved how they all bawled when they saw their fans. too cute!