Friday, May 2, 2008

Bye Bye James :(

Really, truly one of my favorite survivors EVER! Sadly he was forced out last night for medical reasons. He is hilarious, honest, and doesn't always make sense (see video) but he is hard worker and can open beer bottles with his teeth. OUCH! Painful but a handy little talent ;) I told Mr. KB, James makes you look like a little baby with your bottle opener reef flip flops :) xo, Brie


Kate said...

I love that bottle opener! My friend can open bottles with her teeth too and it is most definitely a handy talent :)

Sew Gracious said...

My family loved James. It was sad to see him go for medical reasons. It's been a rough Survivor season this year.

His sense of humor is priceless!

. . . it'll be OK, baby . . . . (said in my deepest "James" voice)

lisagh said...

The best was last week when Parvati said "I don't want it to be uncomfortable" and then James came back with "Oh, it's GONNA be uncomfortable!"

He was awesome and I loved him too!