Monday, May 26, 2008

Ebay Monday

Hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day weekend! We have had a busy one and I have been trying to keep up with pictures I will hopefully post later this week. Today we are working in the yard, we have gotten so much done and in an attempt to further procrastinate I have decided to take a break with some Ebay Monday fun :)

Did you collect these? I did! I was really quite taken with them, but it wasn't just me... all my friends had little photo albums where we'd save all our favorite smellies safe and sound under the peel back plastic sheet. We'd trade them and beam with pride as others perused our books like they were baby pictures of our kids!

This seller has the most awesome site and collection I think I've ever seen! I think I am jealous :)

Check out their full collection here! The "bone" one still cracks me up.... who the heck wants to smell bone?? It smelled like a car tree air freshener! xo, Brie


a. said...

Oh my God, I had all of those. Every once and awhile I will come across an old folder or something with one of those smelly stickers still attached!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Oh, those were better than gold to me. I had a sticker album with pandas and rainbows on the front and those scratch and sniffs held a prized place in that book. Like A. I had all of those. What a great memory! Thank you.

The Mrs. said...

I had them all too! And then of course the puffy stickers, some with googly eyes!!! I looooooooved my little collection!