Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hand Rescue

Before my latest product recommendation I want to chime in quick r/g AI last night. I don't want this blog to be ONLY about American Idol - but holy smokes do I love that show.

I was sad to see Brooke go last night. When Jason was initially safe I immediately posted this funny little video from a commercial I love of this guy doing a happy dance.....

then I took it down b/c I didn't want it to seem like I was celebrating Brooke's departure. I loved Brooke - nice girl, unique voice - I just love that unplugged acoustic sound. I do believe "I'm a Believer" did her in. She was Kay's favorite by far and I LIKED that she liked her best. She seems like a great role model. Talented, wholesome, nice, personable.... what's not to like?!?! She seems like the kind of girl you would love for your daughter to grow up and be like!

I thought Paula looked really pretty last night. I loved her dress and hair in the headband. That disclaimer that she was not under the influence the night before was, let's just say... uncomfortable?

Ok, now on to the hand rescue. There is something about the cold and boat load of sewing I have been doing b/c my hands are usually a complete mess in the winter. NOT anymore :) My sister in law gave me this cream by Thymes called Olive Leaf Hand Lotion for my bday back in December. It smells SO GOOD, nice and clean (and not like olives btw). The lotion itself is perfect, not too thin, not too thick, absorbs quickly. I put it on every night before bed (that's another one of my weird things... can't sleep without hand lotion and chapstick before bed) and it has done wonders for me! This is good stuff - and I only had to replace it yesterday so I got a good 4+ months from one bottle. Impressive! I highly highly recommend it! xo, Brie


Misplaced Country Girl said...

I was sad to see Brooke go, but as we have said before, it's just that time. All of our favs will be leaving, but I know Brooke will go on to something big so I'm not that sad. That video is funny. Who doesn't love a guy dancing in his underwear?

Good tip on the the hand lotion. My hands have taken a beating this winter and now with gardening season here it will only get worse.

Sew Gracious said...

It was sad, but it was time for Brooke to go. I agree, Paula did look pretty.

And, I remember that commercial . . .it always made me laugh!

a. said...

Hate to tell you this but it sounds like your boy Jason wants to go home!

American Idol 7 finalist Jason Castro didn't get voted out on Wednesday, but he's ready to go home.

On Monday, well before the performance show, he told Entertainment Weekly, "What happens happens. I'll sing and if people like it, they like it. And if they don't, they don't. I'm kind of ready to go home."

He's so ready to go home that he basically blew off practicing. The magazine reports that "his brother and a friend had visited over the weekend and that his Saturday meeting with Diamond had gone 'really bad' because he didn't yet know his songs."

Why the ambivalence? "It's been overwhelming. I got 150 balloons yesterday delivered to the studio because people heard I was sick last week. That's cool, but that's just weird," Jason said.

Idol Jason Castro: "ready to go home"? [Entertainment Weekly]

Brie said...

noooooooooooooooooooooooooo :(

That's sad for me to hear. This show business is definitely not for everyone. It's one thing to like to sing, be talented etc, but there is a whole other "thing" that comes with it. I personally would hate that part too. He never did strike me as someone who "enjoys" the spotlight.

It's too late now brother, you should have thought of that before you signed on the show! You're kind of recognizable at this point. In the famous words of Tim Gunn... Make it work!