Saturday, May 10, 2008

Boys' Room

I did the boys room over about 4 years ago right before Ms. C arrived on the scene. The boys are 19 months apart and get along very well (most of the time!) so it made sense that they would become roommates since our house is a 4 bedroom. They love sharing the room.

By posting the "after" pic here I am hoping to inspire myself to get off my duff and DO SOMETHING in Ms. C's room which I still haven't even started.

So here is the breakdown of the new additions to the room (at the time of the makeover).

The paint: Kev's favorite color is red and since the room was originally his own the paint color is strawberry red. This is a no foolin red. Required a weird pinkish primer underneath. In the day it looks great... I am not a huge fan of it at night. It's hard to get it light enough for reading. We have an overhead light, 2 table lamps, and they each have a clip on light lamp on their bunks. It still doesn't seem to be enough!

The Bunk Beds: When they heard they would be getting these they were beside themselves excited. They are fun, I always wanted them myself as a kid. They didn't even fight about who went where. Kev wanted the top, Liam the bottom... decision made. Easy! They are very space saving in what is not a very large room. They have a nice area of rug to play on and I like that. Downside to the bunk beds is that they are a colossal pain in the you know where to make everyday. Sometimes I make them first thing just to get it over with! Sometimes I don't get to them until the end of the day b/c I just can't bear the thought of gathering the strength. You have to be trained in acrobatics by cirque de soleil to make that top one. Hate it! They do come apart and as they are getting bigger I am considering it. Only problem is it will take away a lot of room in there.

The Name Plaques: Aren't they cute?? I saw this idea on one of those Trading Spaces type shows. Go to Home Depot and get a large .5 ft by 12 or whatever you need. Mark them evenly, cut with a saw, paint, and I drew the letters on with a paint pen and filled them in with acrylics. I nailed those sawtooth hangers on the back. I really love them! Cheap and easy art :) They don't have to hang straight which I like too (I am challenged there) they look cute at mixed up angles. The dots for the i's are tops to small craft boxes (Michaels) and I painted them to look like a soccer ball and baseball. They get knocked off all the time!

The patchwork comforters: On sale half price from Pottery Barn - Score!

The afghans: Handmade just for us by my talented Gramma Gert

Happy Saturday!!! xo, Brie

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