Thursday, May 22, 2008

David Wins!

Boy oh boy did American Idol (and all the media for that matter) love the fact that final was down to 2 Davids.

We almost had a complete Tivo disaster meltdown (meltdown by me that is) last night! The kids had their Spring Concert at school at 7pm and at the same time American Idol finale AND Lost finale both on at 8pm. Tivo made the right decision and grabbed Lost for us. Thank you Tivo, you rule! Why they ran the finale to Lost at 8pm (reg time is 10p) on Wed (reg night is Thur) I have no clue. Don't fret if you missed it, they are rerunning the finale to Lost again Thur May 29th!

So what a great surprise to see David Cook win last night and with guyliner to boot! With a 12 million lead in votes no less!! I especially found his win fitting as I maintained my perfect streak of choosing the wrong person every single week! It was a tough pill for poor David Archeutah especially since he performed so well in the final night, the poor little guy. They were both great sports, which I always like to see. Something tells me little David will do just fine!

A few observations from the finale and then I am off to take crying Ms. C to swimming. It's Thursday!

  • What was up with Randy Jackson's Captain Kangaroo coat - that was bizarre!

  • SO great to see my Jason and his perfect teeth again! Michael Johns too :D

  • David Hernandez, not so much ;) what was up with that devilish grin when he said the word "naked" in the George Michael medley? ICK!

  • Why does creepy former contestant Constantine get so much audience camera time?

  • Paula laughing and crying and dancing and crying and clapping and crying

  • and the best news of all is that Country Girl gets to keep her head!! All is right in this world :)

xo, Brie

ETA: Who is funnier than Kimmel? Nobody!


Kerry said...

I was shocked. Shocked! I thought for sure it was going to be DA and not DC! Go DC!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I thought last night was a great show if you exclude that whole George Michaels catastrophe and Paula in general. The duet pairings were really good and it must have been a dream for those kids. I'm super excited that David Cook won. They were both great guys and it's too bad that someone had to lose because either one of them would have made a great Idol. Baby David will do huge things in the future and I have no doubt that coming in second isn't going to hamper that. Oh, and I'm glad I get to keep my head.

The Mrs. said...

OMG. I loooved that David Cook won. I seriously think I'll buy his cd. he is so cute! I loved his reaction. Your comments are priceless and right on. I think archuletta knew he wasn't winning. He didn't look that surprised!