Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well as you can guess I am feeling a little sad today b/c I hated to say goodbye to my Jason in his matador red spandex last night but as we all know in our hearts... it was time. I do believe this is how he wanted it to play out. He's publicly said several times now that he's ready to go and 4th runner up is not too shabby. He clearly has a fan base, is a recognizable face, and is under little to no contractual obligations with the American Idol machine. Dumb like a fox I tell you! And the good news is, he will no longer have to do the grapevine and perform in weird opening medleys that look like they were choreographed by my 7 old or wait, better yet by Corky St. Clair! Opening a "number" with high fives is beyond ridiculous for my really really ridiculously good looking Jason ;)

So our show yesterday went well! A much better turnout than Tuesday night, although our former NJ Governor Christie Todd Whitman was in attendance that evening so that was fun. No Keeks and Brie purchases sadly though... maybe she's not into pink and green?

We were in a nice room and made some nice vendor friends. You can always find great unique things at these boutique shows. I usually end up finding a thing or two to bring home as "souvenirs" for me :) Here is my latest. It's an Italian ceramic serving dish. I LOVE IT! Bought it from a company called Your Italian Table. Isn't it so pretty?????

xo, Brie

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