Saturday, May 23, 2009

10 Minute Trainer

So I started this yesterday... I have several observations

  • they have this tension cord that you can shut into a door and wear around your waist. This isn't working for me... all rooms I have a dvd player in do not have a door. Tony insists you don't need to use the waist tension and it will still be effective.

  • you need a decent amount of space to do this effectively - my untidy family room was giving me troubles

  • probably not the best idea to start yesterday b/c it was HOT (in the 90's) and all 4 were off from school. They were busting out in fits of laughter and then decided to join me. Just not enough room

  • at first the cardio section seemed silly but in the end I was really huffing and puffing

  • it's not really a 10 minute workout as Tony Horton suggests doing 3 of his workout in a row. I'm no mathematician but according to my calculations that 30 minutes. Still short in comparison to what it usually takes me at the Y and that's not including travel time.

  • My family room is carpeted and during the warm up my foot slipped and I completely fell over - thank God the kids hadn't caught wind of what I was doing yet. Might want to consider a non slip mat of some kind.

  • On all the videos there is a countdown bar showing how much of your 10 minutes is left and I quite liked it!

I'll keep you posted with future reportings!!! We're off to a fabulous start - except the part where I ate an entire package of Archer Farm Cheddar Twists from Target! Will power is no friend of mine! xo, Brie

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lisagh said...

"I'm no mathematician" ... LOL!!!