Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Caroline's Room

Remember this project? We're getting there, mostly thanks to my dad! While we were away in Antigua (awesome trip, later post) my dad finished sanding off the wallpaper border for me, filled all the holes and other damage I inflicted onto the poor wall and painted the walls, trim, ceiling, and even the door. He's the best!!!!

I came home to this beautiful room done in Benjamin Moore's Fifties pink! I love the pink, it's a perfect soft pastel pink that doesn't look like a relative of pepto bismol. It looks so sweet with the white trim. Keeks made this curtain for Molly's nursery but has since moved out of that place and I inherited the gorgeous window treatment. The curtain rod with the pale pink glass globes is from Target - Shabby Chic line. I love it!

I bought this border to paint within the white of the room

It arrived on Monday which was bad timing b/c I was hoping my dad could help me get started on it but they were leaving first thing Tuesday. I am not going to lie... I LOVE this stencil, it's very me and Caroline loves it too. It is a very complicated stencil and probably not for a beginner - which might be me! There are 5 flowers in total and they are vertical stencils (I prefer horizontal) EACH flower has three overlays which adds up to one time consuming project! It took me an hour today to do three of these flowers (which appear to be the most complicated of the five)

I am happy with my paint color choices and it's nice stenciling on the white semigloss b/c it's easier to smooth out any accidental feathering. I'll keep you posted on my progress.... at this rate she'll be married by the time I'm done! xo, Brie


Kathi D said...

When I was a young teen, my room was a pink like that, with deep purple carpeting. I LOVED it.

The Mrs. said...

OMG! Looks so good!