Monday, May 11, 2009

Who Says Twitter is Mindless?

I learned something fabulous this past weekend. THROUGH Twitter, I learned of a fabulous entertaining blog/website of a fabulous, entertaining do it all lady called The Pioneer Woman! She cooks, she photographs, she has four kids, she's funny, and she home schools. She's my hero! Based on the loads of comments she gets, she's not new at this, but on the off chance you were in the dark, under a rock, trapped beneath a large piece of furniture like me - go there straight away! It's good stuff! Thanks to twitter friend Sew Gracious for pointing me over there! xo, Brie


Preppy Sue said...

My aunt told me about her, I've got to check her out now!

Cas said...

Somehow I stumbled upon her as she started three years ago...still love her. Maybe she'll invite us to her lodge to cook : )

Sew Gracious said...

;-) After I made the PW Crash Potatoes, I had to share!