Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ruffles, ruffles, give me ruffles

I clearly remember falling over in fits of laughter with a good friend from high school when we found her older brother's prom pics and he was wearing a powder blue tux with a ruffly top. (In his defense he was a lot older than us so I am sure he was quite fashionable that evening!!) He looked something like this minus the ridiculous top hat and cane. I draw the line at these types of accessories!!

If my prom date showed up at the door wearing this, I would have locked the door and turned out all lights!

Somewhere between 1988 and present date, I have completely fallen hard for the ruffles. Especially tiny ones. I just bought not one but TWO of these adorable polos from Talbots today. 49 dollars feels high to me for a polo but you can't just go around wearing ruffles EVERY day so I figure they'll last me a long time. I went for it and bought the black AND the white. Hopefully I'll throw someone into fits of laughter when they see a pic of ME wearing this, say 15 years from now!

Look how cute....

if only I can look like this skinny you know what in it! xo, Brie

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lisagh said...

Have you seen the L.L.Bean mini ruffle shirt? I have a yellow one and wish I would have got more colors.

Ruffles are awesome!