Sunday, May 17, 2009

Queen of the Infomercial

I have a tendency to get completely sucked into infomercials and I am only slightly ashamed to admit that I have fallen victim to such items as the buttoneer (it stunk btw), aquaglobes (they don't work so great either), and Nads Hair Removal (worked - but not quite as well as it did of course on tv)! I was quite taken with this one a few weekends ago love songs of the seventies thankfully common sense prevailed and I realized I probably don't want to be the 30 something mom dancing around the house to Captain and Taneal no matter how much I enjoy them! Don't even get me start on the snuggie... I've been coveting one for awhile!

Well I have fallen victim today to the 10 minute trainer (yes, seriously, I bought it)! You should see the stunning results of the folks that have tried this ;) I would like to think I can find at least 10 minutes to dance around my tv room with resistance bands each day. Hopefully will be here this week and I can hardly wait to post of pic of me showing off in my old jeans like this gal....

Stay tuned, you can count on an honest review here! xo, Brie

I'll be singing this in my kitchen while I wait for it to arrive!

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