Monday, May 25, 2009

Up with the Birds

Literally! The sound of bird activity going on in my yard at 3 am rivals a Brazilian rain forest. I tried everything to fall back to sleep but gave up at 4 am. I decided to get up, make a pot of cowboy coffee and do something productive!

First up my refrigerator which was a disaster area. Poor thing has been really neglected for longer than I care to admit! I emptied out the ENTIRE thing, spritzed away with my cucumber method spray and went to town with a wet dishrag. Pulled out drawers and scrubbed them with hot soap water. Merged bottles of balsamic and soy sauce and bid farewell to a couple of sour cream containers that kicked the bucket in March 09. So happy to finally check this off my to do list and it only took me 45 minutes from start to finish!

I am going to try to do one project like this a day for 30 days, stay tuned :) xo, Brie



Kathi D said...

I often embarrass myself with how quickly I can dispose of a job that I have put off for months (maybe years). But let's face it, as nice as it is to have it done, it still doesn't make you run to do it. You have inspired me today.

Brie said...

I'm glad!! I'm the very same way - which is why I timed the project b/c when you break it down to being under an hour it doesn't feel so overwhelming. I've got more up my sleeve :)