Monday, May 18, 2009

Love will Keep us Together

I can't seem to stop playing the Captain Taneal youtube video I posted yesterday. First of all, it's an awesome song and I think they should seriously consider a comeback but that goes without saying!

A few observations from the video
  • Taneal has a lot of teeth, I'm thinking more than an average person?
  • She loves to look at her background singers while she sings and it's weird
  • One of the said background singers is seriously copying Taneal's style.... Is it her sister or do we have a single white female sitch on our hands?
  • Taneal's lipsynching is not so good despite her perky demeanor (don't believe me, ff to around the one minute mark :)
  • The captain plays those bi level keyboards with the energy level of a snail who was slipped so exederin pm

He is very lucky this cat was little after his time or I think he may have been given the boot!

xo, Brie


Anonymous said...

Now I will be singing that song all of the time too. THANKS!! I am still singing that Jason Mraz song you had posted on your blog ages ago.

You have been tagged on my blog. Check it out!

Catherine said...

Isn't it Tennille? Or are you making some kind of statement?

Brie said...

yep, I see you're right it IS Tennille - guess I'm not that big of a fan after all :(

The Mrs. said...

OMG. Thank you for posting this. Hubs and I went as capn and tenille to a party recently! Hilarious. I must say she's looking at the background singers a little too much wink wink and the one in the pink pink looks naked from behind! She needs a slip! Omg I am my mother.