Monday, March 31, 2008

Never too tired for Ebay Monday!

I had big plans to post my outfit and tell you fun details of the big party we went to Saturday night today. I am still dragging and knocked out tired.... I am sadly no longer built for the out until 3 am kind of fun!! I can't find my camera either which is a problem and I am too lazy to go searching so today, I give you, more randomness ;) I'll try to get my act together for tomorrow.

I really, really, really love ebay. I buy things off it all the time!! One of my favorite things to do is look up old toys and things I remember from my childhood. I usually don't buy these kinds of things but they are fun to look at! I think I'll make this a weekly Monday feature.

Today our focus is Avon products. My mom had an Avon lady who regularly came to visit us with the monthly booklet. The Avon book always had a page or 2 devoted to the kids and my sister and I would usually circle the whole page and beg my mom to get it all for us. Does anyone else remember these or am I old? (don't answer that) thanks! xo, Brie

loved the ice cream cone comb even though I couldn't get it through my thick hair! This looked especially cute poking out of the back pocket of your jordache jeans.

hi, who doesn't love an awesome pin with solid sweet honesty perfume in it??? That is one functional accessory if you ask me!

I had this lip gloss in chocolate!!
Come visit next Monday, for another trip down memory lane ;) xo, Brie


Rebecca said...

I had that little snowman perfume! Too funny...what a blast from the past!

Jules said...

I didn't have anything Avon growing up, but do you know the best mascara I have ever used was from Avon? It's long since discontinued, but I'd buy it in a heart beat if they made it again. It was awesome!

Ang said...

YUP! I had the ice cream cone comb and the ice cream cone lip gloss...I had totally forgot about those.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I used to LOVE the Avon book. My mom's best friend sold Avon and so she always had a garage full of Avon stuff. Going over there was like going to heaven. I miss the days when the Avon book was exciting.

Liz said...

How fun! I love browsing ebay for random stuff.

kathi d said...

I did the same thing with the Avon book--loved it.