Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol Time!

Well... last night was better for sure, I think we all needed it too after listening the Beatles songbook get destroyed not one, but two weeks in a row!

I have a lot of thoughts r/g last night's show (what else is new?) here's the breakdown in order of appearance :)

1. Ramiele - what the?????? Love that song, you didn't sing it too well. I understand you are sick, I think you'll have a lot of time to convalesce at home b/c you are leaving us tonight.

2. Jason - I still really, really like you. You need to not talk so much in the interviews (wee bit painful to watch) You also need to step it up a bit, I think people will start to get bored.

3. Seyesha - the judges seemed to like you, I don't know the song you sang. I was bored.

4. Jacuzzi - you have been growing on me the last 2 weeks. I actually liked your Beatles performances. Stay upbeat, lose the Luther, you're better when you're peppy.

5. Brooke - I still really, really like you too. You're falling into the same trap as Jason my other fave - you need to bring it to the next level.

6. Michael - You KILLED tonight. I suggest you angle Queen songs every week. LOVED IT! I also loved that you were born in the 70's like me, these youngins don't know how to choose good songs.

7. Carly - I would have much preferred if you had done the Total Eclipse from Old School (aka Dan Band's rendition) Don't worry I sang it along with you and did that version over you. It was much better :) and ps... what on earth was that last show off note??? SO uncalled for and basically left me feeling mad.

8. David Archuleta - Mr KB thought for sure you'd sing a Backstreet Boys song b/c we thought you might be born in the late 90's :) That made me laugh! What the heck was that song you sang? You need to tell Dad to stay out of this and pick some cooler songs. I felt like I was watching Up with People at Knox Berry Farms.

9. Kristy Lee - I don't know what to say. You chose a sentimental song, I think you'll get through b/c of it.

10. David Cook - I declared you a sleeper in this competition way back in the beginning. I find him to be the most radio "friendly" of the whole top 10. Your voice was so on point last night, but such sacrilege to sing someone else's cover of Michael Jackson!!! The judges thought you took a risk, I say you played it safe. A risk would have been doing Michael's version and I believe you would have pulled it off. Next time!

Ok, that's it folks! What did you think of last nights' show? AGAIN, I'm saying bye bye to Ramiele! xo, Brie


Sew Gracious said...

Ramiele is my pick to go tonight as well.

Love your summation of the performances. My thoughts exactly! ;-)

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Why must I be forced to go through another week of Kristy Lee? I used to live in Branson (not my proudest moment in life) and that performance last night was the finale of every show in Branson. I was just waiting for the people to come on stage waving flags. Way to suck up to America with a patriotic song Kristy. Simon was right it was brilliant and the only thing saving your butt.

My husband Michael did kill last night. Loved him. My son on the other hand was just okay. It would have been great to see him sing the Backstreet Boys. Actually any song other than the song he sang would have been great. My favorite of the night was David Cook. I thought he was excellent. He might actually be able to win the whole thing. Knowing my luck though the top two will be Ramiele and Kristy Lee. Wouldn't that just be great?

kathi d said...

I have been SO over Ramiele for the longest time! Just go already!

Kristy Lee is playing smart. She can't win, but she will get a country contract. Even Kelly Pickler has a hit country song now.

I agree with country girl--our son David picked a weird song, Michael was good, and David Cook was great.