Monday, March 3, 2008


I loved my quiet weekend and took Kay and a friend to see Penelope for her "good report card" prize. I'm not sure I would totally recommend it for two adults to go see, but it is a perfect movie to take 11 year old girls (or really any girl say 8 and over) with great message - "you're perfect as you are". With all the garbage out there, this was a great way to spend the afternoon!! The cinematography was especially beautiful.

I am going to try and do this more often where I take out one of the kids and a friend. Individual time is hard to come by around here and I think it's important. I also like getting to know their friends a bit better, I am a big believer in -you are who you hang out with. Kay's friend this weekend is a great girl, I'm happy they are friends!

I recently read that movie theatre popcorn has about a month's worth of ww points but gave into temptation and the 3 of us scarfed down the entire bucket (jumbo no less) before the movie was even half way over.

As quiet as it was here this weekend, my house looks like we had a wild party. Not sure what has happened so my Monday will be busy with boring chores. Hope your Monday is more exciting!! xo, Brie

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kathi d said...

I am completely unable to resist movie popcorn. The only way I could is if they didn't have it at all, because once I smell it, I have to have it, no matter how well I have prepared myself not to!

Congratulations on ditching the letter code thing. I think that they tell us we're wrong even when we're not sometimes, just to mess with us. I can't be THAT blind, can I?