Tuesday, March 4, 2008

OH yes it's 80's night!! (and the feelings right)

Smooth on your zinc pink lipstick and spritz on your liz claiborne perfume because it's 80's week on idol!! love it :)

Again I am torn on some of the gentlemen's performances, so rather than being negative tonight (I'll save that for Thursday :D) I am going to tell you who I ♥ love ♥ love ♥ love!!!!

First off we have the Australian Michael Johns who covered the Simple Minds song from the end of the Breakfast Club. Great song and oh yeah, have you seen him? He's easy on the eyes!

another one I really like is David Cook (who did Hello by Lionel Richie). David kind of reminds me of Patrick Stump (lead singer of Fall Out Boy) and I love Fall Out Boy along with all the other 13 year olds in the USA :) in fact their album Take this to Your Grave is an all time favorito of mine. You also have to love his ai pic here!! It's very 4th grade "picture day" and I love it.

and last but not least... my pic to win it all (drum roll..........) JASON CASTRO! Amazing cover of John Cale's Hallelujah. Amazing, amazing, amazing

I also like David Achuleta, don't get me wrong, he is a sweet kid, great voice, and adorable attitude. I'm just not sure he's MY American Idol.

Last but not least, the following complaint needs attention stat:

Dear Exec producers of AI, Can a giant hook come out of nowhere and remove Paula when she is carrying on each time? It's weird and uncomfortable to watch! Maybe a gong, like the gong show to get her to stop? If you could make that happen, that'd be great! xo, Brie


Misplaced Country Girl said...

So funny, I was going to write to the executive producers and ask them to do a better job of timing Paula's medication. Wow, she was CRAZY tonight.

My husband, Michael...who was that woman they showed as his wife....brought it home tonight. Way to go honey! Jason Castro did a great job. He seemed (and rightly so) a little thrown by Paula.

Please God let this be the last week I have to see Luke Perry. Donna and the gang miss him I'm sure, but I won't.

Kate said...

I miss Idol! Fortunately I have plenty of Michael Johns to distract me!

Libby said...

You're too funny! They were all pretty terrific though, weren't they? I'll admit that I got the chills a little listening to Hallelujah. :)

Anonymous said...

I love Jason too! I have liked him from the beginning and he keeps getting better! I hope we hear some upbeat songs tonight from the girls like "Walking on Sunshine!" or something fun like that! XO, Joy

kathi d said...

OMG Paula just can't shut up! But she doesn't seem as drunk as she always did last year (yet).

Although David Archuleta is still my main cutie, I do like Jason a lot, too. And I still miss that kid that sort of reminds me of Jason, the last one they let go--can't remember his name. The one that got so emotional . . . it sucks to be senile.