Thursday, March 6, 2008

Deep Thoughts by Brie Handy

  • Project Runway was simply a triumph last night. I went to bed so happy as all was so so right in the world ;) I was doing the Nutty Professor Mama Klump for my Christian (Hercules, Hercules!!!!!) I'll cite the following as examples....
- Christian rules
- Posh Spice
- Rami was such a gracious gentleman being the runner up
- killer fashion show
- Tim Gunn is the nicest guy ever
- and oh yeah, Christian RULES

  • American Idol predictions (warning I've got a shake up here....)

- best guy: Jason Castro

- best girl: Brooke White (nice work, girl!!)

- adious to: Luke Perry look alike Luke, and Jacuzzi (who by the way doesn't seem to have a last name on the site??? huh? Who do you think you are... Cher, Madonna? I demand an answer!) I also think it will be bye bye for Kady (your nine lives are up) and (shake up warning, shake up warning) Syesha Mercado - great voice and great legs, but you gotta BRING IT if you're last. Sorry love.

  • Spinning

- you are killing me as of late..... I am still fully committed you'll be surprised to learn. I can also barely walk, aren't you supposed to get better as time goes on?? What gives? My favorite instructor Mel is just the greatest... where else can you hear Squeeze, Madness, and Young MC back to back?

Hercules, Hercules :D xo, Brie


a. said...

Yay on Christian!

Yay for Brooke White!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I really respect Rami and Jillian both for being so gracious last night. It was probably the best fashion show that PR has seen. The whole thing was just great.

Brooke White was amazing last night. She is my favorite girl.

I'm going to agree with your predicttions for the boys and also for Kady, but I'm not sure about Syesha only because Ramiele didn't do a very good job last night. I think one of the two will be sharing a cab to the airport with Kady. Danny should also be a tad bit worried. After Luke and Jacuzzi are gone, I think he might be picked off next. And just a note to Danny, you are not Christian. Give up the attitude, it doesn't work! You come across as a brat.

Brie said...

So funny, I said the same thing to mr kb... Danny is trying to be sassy like Christian but he can't make it work.

There are lots of combos for who could go which is making these predictions so hard. There are many duds to choose from. Danny could easily go, not to mention Ramiele, Kristy Lee, David the "dancer" etc etc

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Look how much better that went without the Magic 8 Ball! Good call.

Brie said...

My 50% accuracy is leaving me quite disappointed. I used to be great at this!! I didn't see Asia'h coming for a mile although my dad did! Maybe I should schedule a consultation before next week's weigh in!

The Mrs. said...

I thought it was a fabulous show as well. I even feel a little sad it's all over! I can't wait for next season! Christian's designs were fierce and I loooove his little lip quiver as he was about to find out who won!!!
On the idol front no luck on Jacuzzi, who is all GUMS by the way...does he have tiny teeth? Weird.
I need to try spinning! But I'm a chicken!