Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ring the Alarm!

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Fly Lady would call this little disaster area in my house a HOT SPOT. This little nook is in my kitchen and where my phone/answering machine is, impt school papers for the kids, checkbook, stamps, pen/pencil cup etc. It's my morning satellite office and in fly lady speak, it's a burning inferno. Or in Christian speak - one hot mess!

I can't take it no more! So, this morning the second the kids left for school... I cleared off EVERYTHING, wiped it down with some method spray, and grabbed a trash bag. I really don't love to throw things away (no idea why!) but Fly Lady sensei says to do it and do it quick without too much hemming and hawwing. I do as I'm told :)

As I weeded through this little disaster area I found some really funny things... here is a collection of my favorites!

As you can see there are some insane things here.... a lobster ornament, a bobbin, an airplane earplug, 2 jo malone sample sprays (score!), my little pony maraca (just in time for cinco de mayo), a clothespin, a tealight, 3 mismatched earrings, and a key that opens only God knows what! I also found 5.83 in coins. It's like an I spy game here.

oh yeah, and these..... DOH!

The Laser Tag birthday party thank you notes. As you can see, the Funplex takes the minimalist approach to thank you's which I am all for! The party was 3 weeks ago, I am sure the guests will be impressed that it took me this long to mail these incredibly complicated thank you notes.

and last but not least..... the after shot. Ah, I feel so proud and peaceful. One down, about 150 more hot spots to go :) xo, Brie


Misplaced Country Girl said...

It's my thought that you can never have enough lobster ornaments or My Little Pony maracas.

Ang said...

Looks great! There are just too many hot spots- we have a giant one called the basement...that is probably more like a black hole!

Kerry said...

good job! it stressed me out to see the first picture and then the clean up picture calmed me!

Brie said...

oh yeah, I hear ya on that! In complete fairness this was probably one of it's worst before moments which prompted the clean up.

My 3 older kids ALL noticed it the minute they came in.

It's really been making me happy all day and will definitely add more projects to my list :)

kathi d said...

Woo woo! Now, that's HOT!

I had to give up on Flylady. Way too bossy and naggy, whew!

Brie said...

I had to block her on emails, she was getting insane! I still come crawling back though with my tail between my legs for some much needed advice ;)

Sew Gracious said...

WTG!!! I don't do Fly Lady...can't handle that much email, BUT I hate clutter too. Good thing you can't see my desk right now! It looks like your "before" pic! ;-)

Liz said...

Do you want to come over and clean/organize my desk...it is a diaster zone!

And to answer you question about what state I live in...I live in St. Louis, Missouri. So again if you hear on the news that a woman in St. Louis won powerball than think of me and my new house!!!!

Brie said...

Liz, I am pulling for you! Go powerball :D and if by chance I win, I'm packing up the entire family and relocating from NJ to Missouri!