Saturday, June 28, 2008

Briecrest OUT

Pic from E! online
I can never resist revisiting the time when Ryan Seacrest tried saying that as his sign off from American idol a few years back!

Briecrest is not really OUT, out... I am loading up the van and we'll be heading on vacation. I will be blogging live on location and there will be plenty of hiijinx believe you me!! It may just take a few days before I get acclimated ;)

On a parting note.... I received a very sweet award from one of my favorite blog friends, The Mrs. over at One Fabulous Mom- Check it out!!!

So nice of her to say! In all honesty when I originally started this blog it was with my business in mind and that side of it has been great. What I was not expecting at all was to "meet" so many nice and funny people who are all blogging for different reasons. My bloglines is now up to a whopping 57 feeds and I truly look forward to catching up with each of you every morning over my coffee! I find it to be a very creative, supportive and hilarious community and I am very, very happy to have found it!

It is my pleasure to pass on this award to 3 blogs that I love to check in with! Here's your well deserved blog award :)

Monkey Me, Monkey You- a wonderful travel blog of an adorable Canadian sock monkey who also happens to be visiting ME very soon. Kind of an adult flat stanley but this monkey is a party animal.

Syotha Would Be Proud - this gal can do it all, from making aprons, to growing green beans, to wrangling squirrels and all with a wonderful attitude it might add. Funny stuff!

Pancakes and French Fries- beautifully written and really funny! Her "favorite moments" piece each week is something I always look forward to. Adventures at Curves, and cheese with glitter and glue will keep you coming back for more :)

Ok ladies, you know what to do... pay it forward with three of your favorites :)

There are so many more I would love to bestow this award upon and you know who you are :D xo, Brie


lisagh said...

Travel safely!

Jules said...

Aw, thank you! Have a wonderful vacation!

The Mrs. said...

You started for one reason but continue for another. I get it! Glad you got my award!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Thank you! You're so sweet. I hope you have a great vacation. Stay away from the cicadas and you should be golden!