Wednesday, June 4, 2008

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Mr. KB and I were using this power saw thingy last weekend to de-branch some of our lilacs that are really starting to get a touch out of control in the huge department. I pointed and he did the sawing - I've never been too good with the tools! So as I am pointing around the last bush, a bird flys out and nearly takes our heads off in the process.

A few minutes later we see this....

and then these!!!! She has four babies just like me :) The kids are calling her Mama Bridget (which my niece Molly calls me) I am as excited as the kids to see these adorable little baby birdies!!

that tall one must be the oldest - especially with that nose for news :)

Here is Mama Bridget getting dinner ready for the babies and at the same time giving me the old stink eye on our neighbor's "spite shed". This structure was built 5 feet from our property line and they live on a half acre. They are the type that turn out all the lights and put a "Go Away" sign on their door for Halloween. They're awesome!! I'm not bitter about it or anything but it is kind of ugly!!! I have noticed that Mama Bridget like to use the "facilities" on the roof of the spite shed and that makes THIS Mama Bridget kind of snicker ;) xo, Brie


lisagh said...

Aww... the little birdies are so cute. I'm a bit disgusted by their wormy choice of cuisine, but I can't judge. I am not a bird.

Kate said...

How cute!

Brie said...

I'm so glad I posted them yesterday when I did! They were getting big and now the nest is empty. Fly robin, fly... up up to the sky :(