Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ELF is here

I have to say, I'm not pleased..... They "forgot" to put SIX things in my order. No explanation, nothing, guess they figured I ordered too much and hoped I wouldn't notice. Also there was no packing slip in the order so I guess they are just hoping I am a dumb dumb and wouldn't notice that either. Well I'm not and I did, so I just sent their customer service a curt message. Seriously, the quality of the product doesn't matter to me at this point, I would never order from them again. It's a headache to the third power! 2 thumbs down :( xo, Brie

PS I must have been under the influence when choosing the eye shadows. First off, I never wear eye shadow so I can only attribute it to my mind being impaired by one dollar deals and to make matters worse, one of them is seriously a jet black color? This will be perfect when I channel my inner Robert Smith!


Misplaced Country Girl said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry you're order wasn't right. That's weird because all of my stuff got shipped and I ordered a lot more than you. It came with a packing slip also. This is just terrible. I've liked all of my stuff so far and I hoped that you would have a good experience too. Stupid elves and their makeup!

five tomatoes said...

You can use the jet black as a softer eyeliner - I went through a, um, alternative phase in high school and had a lot of expensive dark makeup to use up. ;)

Kerry said...

I ordered from ELF about 2 years ago and I think they were saying they were getting rid of everything so they can change the packages in order to sell in Nordstroms or some silliness. At $1 a piece I coulnd't resist! I was not please either. Disappointing!