Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not enough ways to say Thank YOU!

During the school year my 3rd grader Kev was learning US geography and state capitals. Part of the class project fun was to reach out to family and friends for postcards with a goal of receiving at least one per all 50 states by the end of the year. The reward would be an ice cream party should they be able to pull it off.

I find ice cream to be quite motivating, but you can multiply that drive by 100 when it comes to a class full of 9 year olds. I reached out to some family members and friends telling them of Kev's project, giving them the details and kind of forgot about it. Kev would come home and mentioned he had received postcards here and there (they were sent directly to the school) but you can imagine my complete surprise yesterday as I am cleaning out the book bags and find all these.....

I am speechless and seriously got a lump in my throat. He got cards from all over......from family members, old college roommates, and some of the people who sent in cards were people we don't even know personally - my Uncle Jeff reached out to some friends and they went right out to send him a card. I even reached out to my precious Switchboards for a few states they were lacking and they came through too. The part that really got me was everyone wrote him the sweetest note on the back with a fact or two about the state and wishing them all luck in getting their ice cream party! One guy even invited the whole family to visit him in Dana Point and he'll take us out on his boat! He may regret that invite b/c we are taking him up on it (just kidding :)

Thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy lives in the name of geography, ice cream, and third graders! The kids DID get their fabulous party and had a year end test where they had to fill in a blank map and fill in states and capitals. Kevin got an A :) xo, Brie

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That is really sweet!